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“You’re amazing – that other dentist wanted to do a root canal three years ago.  You simply filled it and it’s still doing well!”


“I like your up front, honest approach.  You’ve given me way more options than I even knew existed from my other dentist.”


"Best dentist for partials and dentures in Dallas."  

A Prominent North Dallas Periodontist.


"Top 10% dentist in Dallas"

According to an Internet Review by a Major Magazine.


"You did a great job on my crown, everything feels wonderful!"  John D.


"Dr. Greenwood seems to like people and not just for the money.  He's very caring."  

Anita C.


"Everything is wonderful.  My mouth feels so much better than it's felt in a while."  

Colleen D.


"Great job.  I'm very happy with my teeth."  

Estelle R.


"I really, really like what you did to my teeth.  I mean it really spiffed me up.  Thank you very much!"  

Betty L.


"I'm very delighted with the work you did - thank you very much!"  

Charles M.


"This is very belated, but wanted to thank you again for seeing Anne a few weeks ago.  Your willingness to come out on a Saturday night, your concern, patience and good work were very much appreciated."  

Judy M.


"Thank you very much for giving out patient such great care all these years.  You're all so wonderful."


“What you did was so thoughtful and so appreciated.”

Anne D.


“Whatever you did caused me to chew very well, just ate some nachos!”

Karen B.


“We can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with our son and looking at his teeth.  We appreciate your time and opinion.” Ellen E.



Dr. Stuart O.


"Thanks for being a great dentist.  I know I’ll be better in a few days.  You have helped me tremendously.”



“I found a good dentist in Vegas, but I miss you and your good work.”

Susan B.


“Thank you for being so sweet.”



“Dear Dr. Greenwood, Just a note of thanks for taking such good care of the dental needs of our family.  We truly appreciate your expertise and your care and concern when addressing our questions and monitoring our dental health.  We are all so appreciative of your, Linda and Stefanie?”

Jana and Chris


“Thanks for all you help.”

David L.


“Jimmy, I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all you are doing for Sheila and Patrice.  They are both so happy and excited.  Every time I see them they have big smiles!”  



“Thank you so much for sending me to that specialist.  He was so, so nice and I can’t thank you enough.”  

Doris W.